Own the Ice

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Turning half time into fun time with Chromecast

Chromecast lets you cast entertainment from your phone or computer straight to the big screen, whether it be music, TV, movies or game. Google asked us to showcase the value in streaming media - and we decided to scale up the concept by using the power of Chromecast to entertain thousands of sports fans live at a major event.


Our research showed that many people are aware of Chromecast and can afford it but are unaware of how it can benefit them. Users regularly second screen whilst watching television, films, concerts and sports events - especially during adverts or half-time. Capitalising on downtime is an unmissable opportunity to demonstrate the product benefit to a captive and second screen savvy audience.


We turned half time in to fun time by creating a Chromecast gaming experience for the 16,000 Barclays Center Brooklyn and New York Islanders fans to use during the game. 

We turned the Jumbotron into a game of speed and skill dividing the arena into four teams allowing them to compete against each other using their mobile device as the controller. Players were rewarded with a $10 voucher redeemable against a Chromecast from the Google Store.


There were two opportunities for the audience to play Own the Ice during each hockey game in the stadium, and over 125K attendees saw the big screen in action. Over 2,500 of the attendees participated with over 44% going back to play for a second time. 17% of players followed up by clicking to product purchase page.