Adaptive Storefront

Shop windows deliver personalised experiences to passers-by.

Taking window shopping one step further

With personalised ads and messaging a common sight online, PSFK challenged us to visualise how a bricks and mortar shop might deliver a similarly bespoke experience.

The Key Insight

Using existing technology it should be possible to deliver a personalised, interactive experience to passers-by in real time via a shop’s window

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The Idea

Our adaptive shopfront would identify shoppers using Bluetooth low energy (BLE) from their mobile device and instantly react to a set of data, such as shopping habits and preferences. Shoppers would be served with a personalised showreel of content. They could even place items in a virtual shopping cart and purchase straight from shop displays. This idea could be deployed outside the context of a store environment, whether on billboards, bus stops or in car showrooms.

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The Execution

To demonstrate a potential application of our concept, we produced a short video. In our example, a fashion retailer seamlessly serves personalised clothing suggestions to passers-by, leading to a quick and easy sale.

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The Results

Our adaptive storefront video featured in PSFK’s 2013 Future of Retail Report.