Whole Foods of the Future

Using tech to keeping people visiting bricks and mortar stores.

Imagining the Whole Foods of the Future

PSFK challenged us to visualise the future of personal retail on the high street with grocery chain Whole Foods.


Consumer shopping habits are constantly evolving with more and more people relying on home delivery services rather than visiting a regular bricks and mortar shop.

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The Idea

We imagined a store in which customers don't simply shop for goods, they are given a bespoke branded experience; where the retail space constantly adapts to serve cultural, seasonal and local trends; and where technology seamlessly anticipates customers' needs and enriches their shopping experience, from recommending recipes to booking delivery times.

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We produced this prototype video to demonstrate a typical customer journey through the Whole Foods store. In our example, a shopper is served useful and timely information to his smartwatch at multiple touchpoints throughout the store.

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Our concept for the future of Whole Foods were included in PSFK's Future of Retail Report, which you can read in full by clicking the button below.