A Meditation Nightclub

An audiovisual installation powered by brainwaves

Wish you could paint space with sound and light - just think about it

In the second meditation hack between us and New York-based visual and performance artist Lia Chavez, Meditation Nightclub continued to explore what can be achieved when using the human consciousness as an art material.

Interview with Lia Chavez and Tim Rodgers


As was discovered in our first collaboration, Tumult, in a deep state of meditation, brain activity becomes very intense. Lia wanted to shift the focus from the power of her meditative state, onto the power behind the general public’s interior landscape.

Image 2


With participants wearing an EEG headset, and Lia guiding them through a meditation session, we could monitor conscious brain activity and via Bluetooth, transmitting the signal to our custom built digital-neurology system. The frequency of the signal mirrored the participant’s brain activity that was intern reflected in the intensity of the colour and sound emitted by the audiovisual system.

Image 4


The Meditation Nightclub had over 4,000 participants over the course of the month and received international coverage from many notable outlets.