Teenage Engineering

Punch. Play. Create.

More beats more music

Teenage Engineering and MING asked us to create an interactive, communal, music experience that was built around Teenage Engineering’s unique hardware, in order to encourage people to pick up the Pocket Operator and learn to play.

Teenage Engineering


Despite its playful aesthetic, the Pocket Operator is a high-quality, powerful, music creation tool. But, for a first time user, it can be complicated to just ‘pick up and play’. We wanted to create something that allowed users to visualise its capabilities whilst aligning with Teenage Engineering’s ideology:

“Making electronic music has never been this much fun. ”

Pocket Operator
Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator


In just 7 days we created a bespoke gaming experience based around Pippson, MING’s mascot, that would teach people not just how to use a Pocket Operator, but also how to make the most of it.

The longer you play the higher your bird soars, avoiding obstacles from Teenage Engineering’s visual world, from submarines and sewing machines. Through the gameplay and additional tips and tricks, the experience encouraged people to test out every button and function on the PO.

Analysing the audio output coming from the Pocket Operator was our best way to translate user’s input onto interesting datas. Using the Web Audio API, we focused our efforts on trying to compute the BPM of the live audio stream as well as detecting the spikes on the audio spectrum.

Our installation for Teenage Engineering