Chuck-Hacking with Converse

Our digitally-enabled pair of Chuck Taylors convert your dance moves into custom trainers.

The ultimate personalised sneakers

For their Hack-a-Chuck competition, Converse teamed up with Google+ and challenged agencies around the world to create something truly imaginative, using their iconic Chuck Taylor sneakers as a blank canvas.

Key insight

Converse have a longstanding history of encouraging their customers to express themselves through the brand. However, we found that the interface on offered a rudimentary tool for personalisation, so customers couldn't truly express themselves.

Ideas and prototypes

We hacked our prototype pair of Chuck Taylors in just one week, inserting an accelerometer X+Y axis, pressure sensors, microcontrollers, and rechargeable batteries in each shoe.

The sneakers were able to detect the wearer's moves, and send the corresponding data via bluetooth to a computer running a Processing application, which rendered and projected colourful graphics onto a screen.


We presented our hacked Chucks as an in-store installation. Customers could put them on, move about (or even dance) and create a unique, personalised design in real time on a screen. Converse could then use this artwork to decorate a bespoke pair of trainers.

The pace, strength of movement, and dance style are tracked to create a truly personalised design that's completely individual to the user.

Cannes 2013

Our installation and hacked Chuck Taylors premiered at Cannes in 2013, and picked up the silver prize in its category.