A experiment to integrate BitCoin into bricks and mortar stores.

Can BitCoin work on the high street?

+ rehabstudio’s Creative Technologist Samuel Cox challenged bricks and mortar stores to integrate BitCoin (and other cryptocurrency) transactions into their checkout process.

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Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have seen slow uptake as they fluctuate more than ‘real world' currencies. Transparency and understanding of the currency is also an issue with large brands.

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The Execution

BitTag is a digital price tag that updates its value in real time using Bluetooth. Shop owners can set up each BitTag on a partner iPad app - entering the name of the item for sale and a fixed price in their local currency. At the time of purchase, this is automatically be converted into real-time Bitcoin value. To buy an item, customers simply shake the BigTag to reveal a unique QR code. A partner iPhone app is used to scan the code and process the transaction in Bitcoins (or any other cryptocurrency) and payment is complete.

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The Results

BitTag has been featured on the BBC, PSFK, Yahoo and live CNBC, amongst others.