A website that finds homes for unwanted presents.

Don’t want it? Swap it!

Last Christmas the British public dumped around £2.4billion worth of unwanted gifts. That’s over three million tonnes of rubbish. We challenged ourselves to find a way to reduce this number and make sure everyone gets a Christmas gift they actually want.


One man's trash is another man's treasure - our aim is to make treasure hunting easier.

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One man’s giraffe onesie is another man’s One Direction perfume. So if you’ve received a gift that’s totally not you, there’s probably someone nearby who’d be willing to swap - or a charity that would gratefully accept it. We set out to build an app that would make this process easy.

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Regifter is a prototype app that lets users browse and swap unwanted gifts with people in their area. Like Tinder, users upload details of their unwanted gift and what they’re looking for in exchange (their ‘gift orientation’). Regifter then presents them with a list of possible matches nearby. Users can swipe left to reject options or swipe right to approve them, then arrange to meet in person or make the trade by mail. If no matches are found, a ‘Donate to Charity’ option lists all participating charity shops in the area. So those dud gifts never truly go to waste.

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Regifter launched in January 2015, appearing in several online publications including Shortlist. Having beta tested the prototype, we’re now looking into ways to develop Regifter further.


  • Tom LeBree
  • Stephen Horner
  • Francesca Darlington
  • Adam Daly
  • Dan Porter
  • Jordan Sheldrick
  • Barry Hasan
  • Neil McCallion