Jawbone in the Subscription Economy

The shopper journey of the future

A subscription economy

PSFK asked us to reimagine the shopper journey of the future, using Jawbone - the wearable tech company - as inspiration.


Consumer purchase habits are changing. Today, consumers would rather have immediate access to the newest goods and services by subscribing to them, than deal with the inconvenience of ownership.

While the end goal of boxes flying off shelves is still relevant, companies are slowly realizing that “sell sell sell” no longer cuts it in a world of big data, personalized platforms and services.


We imagined a future where customers can shop from anywhere via a mobile app which recommends products based on their lifestyle. Ownership is out. Smart product subscriptions that mix low-entry price points with the desire to have the best first, will drive consumers away from brands that don’t adapt.

Meanwhile social networks are called on to push sales. Shopping apps will facilitate conversations with friends who own the product at crucial decision points, whilst recommendations based on peer interests will showcase other available products.

Brand Loyalty is rewarded with access to exclusive events and complementary product subscriptions, whilst the ability to suggest products to friends increases advocacy.

We envisioned how these trends would apply to Jawbone’s UP ecosystem, at a macro level in an infographic, and from an individual shopper as an animatic.


Our concept was featured in PSFK’s Future of Retail 2016 Report, which you can read in-full by clicking the button below.


  • Alexander Meyer
  • Arianna Recupero
  • Joana Guimaraes
  • Jordan Fisher
  • Peter Gasston
  • Rosie Copland-Mann
  • Stephen Horner
  • Tina Chan
  • Tom Ellis