10 years in +rehab

Making it better

It's time to reflect

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, it dawns on me that I have been in +rehab longer than Lindsay Lohan. It’s a time for reflection. In 2013, Tom Le Bree wrote the Hacking Advertising presentation that we shared with a bunch of people at Cannes. During that presentation, we explained how we use hacking to approach the creative process differently. I think this is the best articulation of what a hacker is:

“They adopt the mind-set of innovating around best practices in pursuit of next practices.”

- Mike Myatt

The single guiding principle of +rehabstudio is making it better. If you’ve worked with us then you’ll have already experienced our fast iterative style of work. We never see things as they are, but what they could be, and this is what making it better is.

I want to share a few things that we’re working on innovating.

The creative process

We only need to look around us to see that the internet has disrupted so many aspects of our lives. So why is our creative thinking not being disrupted too?

After our Cannes talk, we set out to disrupt the creative process, our approach is called Triage; Borrowing methodologies from Software development, weekly sprints and continual delivery we shift from consumer insights into prototyped ideas, which are tested with consumers at the end of every week. We then iterate on the idea with the client and ensure that the work works before going into production. This rapid prototyping cycle is producing amazing results for our clients at Google, Red Bull, YouTube and Zappos.

See an overview of the process here.

Company management

A decade ago I started the business in Belfast, and 10 years later we’ve grown to become an organization of 75+ people across London, Northern Ireland, New York and soon to be San Francisco. As we grew, what we found was that we started to get slower, even though the company is still relatively small. When we stopped to dig into this we found that it was the layers of management that were slowing us down.

In looking around at other business models, we were inspired by our client Zappos’ and their brave move to convert their 1,400 strong organization into Holacracy. So we’re creating and modelling our own self managed and self organizing management system. This structure has been tested with the creative team and we call it +rehabOS.

We’re excited to pass the power of the company into the hands of our people, giving them a voice, responsibility and letting them own their actions.

​Talent and remuneration

Within this context we don't think that the remuneration model still makes sense in our industry. With the price of an idea dropping and with the rise in freelance staff estimated to top 40% in a number of years, there is obviously a problem to be solved: how do you keep the best talent?

We’re currently developing a way to visualise individuals’ skill sets, which will then provide us with a roadmap for skill development and allow us to understand the training and resources needed for our full-time employees. Our aim is to develop and support the industries best talent so that they never want to leave.

BLATANT PLUG: That being said, if you are one of those people who believe in a better way, we’re hiring for a wide range of roles from creative, development and production across all locations, see www.rehabstudio.com/joinus

Finally, I’d love to thank all the staff in +rehabstudio over the years, you are all amazing individuals and I'm looking forward to working with you in the future.

Making it better.